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                                                         AboutGina's Live Hair Shop

                     Live Hair Shop! is a Wonderful Team of Premier Stylists that are Devoted to Exceptional Hair Care.

                                                                                 Especially Black Hair Care!

 For the upcoming year of 2023, we have added new stylist, more stations and increased or Services to include, New Hair Products and Hair Styles.

             Live Hair Shop has become the Inland Empires Best Hair Salon in Southern California. 

     Gina Campbell is one of the hardest working women in the Hair Business and she loves every minute of it.                                                                        Her Specialty is Growing Hair!    

      Products and Services are found on the home page, services include hair cutting of all ethnicities, Afro hair styles, Relaxers, Color, Braided hair, Weaved hair, African and Indian hair, Natural hair and Caucasian hair.

We work on most textures of hair, Long, Short, Straight or Nappy.

One of the keys to Live Hair Shops' longevity and  success, is their ability to continue to Grow!!!

Their ability to maintain the Cutting Edge on the latest hair styles, techniques and trendy new fashions. Always focused on continued education and training.

Please feel free to make your appointment: Tuesday through Saturday 9am -7pm.                               

Gina Campbell
Owner Operater


             Victor Amey

         Website Designer


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